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Snowy Egret on her Nest-pm8/138Great White Egret with her Chick-pm8/357Great White Heron in Flight - pm5/50Little Blue Heron Feeding her Chick - am8/201Royal Terns - A different point of View - 2/385Royal Tern with Fish - 2/747Wood Stork with chicks in Nest - pm8/363Wood Stork Rookery - 3/429Wood Stork Landing - 3/490SanderlingBrown Pelican in Flight - 2/306Great White Heron Chicks - pm7/452Great White Heron on her Nest - 8/392Great White Heron Preening - pm7/437Roseated Spoonbill Landing - pm8/480Brown Pelican Air Show - 7/237Clapper Rail - am5/43Great White Heron Fishing - am5/207White Ibis, juvenile - 4/737Great White Heron with Chick Standing - pm8/199

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