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Burroughing Owl_145Great Blue Heron on Skagit Flats_7218Great Blue Heron with Fish Reflection_5856Great Blue Heron in Flight_119Herring & Heermann's Gulls_43Herring Gull_28Herring Gull Landing_32Red-napped Sapsucker_47Red-napped Sapsucker Leaving Nest_166Barn SwallowRed-winged Blackbird Singing_467Red-winged Blackbird-female_686Lesser Yellowlegs_4111Sandhill Cranes Over Field_395Sandhill Crane in Flight_430Sandhill Crane with Her EggsSandhill Cranes with Nest_3166Sandhill Crane Preening_2432Sandhill Crane Mom Finds Worm_156Snow Goose in Flight_1181

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